Book Review: Making The Most of Your Deer

Comprehensive book on butchering and processing deer.
Book Review Dennis Walrod – this book provides some of the most comprehensive information on fully using your deer that I’ve seen.

When I started hunting, I read tons of books and magazines about hunting. As I refined my tactics over the years, and settled into my own hunting property, I became much less interested in how to hunt deer, and more focused on what to do with deer after I’m lucky enough to harvest one.

One thing I don’t like about many of the books I’ve read on processing deer, is that they don’t focus enough on the actual processing. They spend unnecessary time trying to cover all the basics of everything involved in the hunt. From tactics to how to drag a deer – this is necessary for new hunters, but I really hunger for a “Deer Processing 201”, or even 301 book.

Making the Most of Your Deer by Dennis Walrod falls somewhere in the middle for me. He provides information that I haven’t seen before. The tanning and soap making sections were particularly interesting, as the more deer I take over the years, the more I try to make the most of every part of them.

His walk through on field dressing and butchering are also very well done. I would have preferred more pictures – but having butchered a good number of deer myself, I could make up for some of the missing imagery.

While some of my techniques on processing and butchering differ from Dennis’, I still read this book before each deer season (well, at least certain parts). I keep a small library of books that I have learned from, and go through a “refresher” every year. This book is in that list for me. When you haven’t butchered a deer in close to a year, a little review helps tremendously.

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I made bird suet for the first time thanks to this book. I’m working up to soap. I’ve been able to get the wife to eat venison. I don’t know how long it will take to get her to bathe with it!

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